All texts of the K Catalog by Helmut Kirchmeyer have been revised and updated by the author. To different degrees, six translators (Julian Black, Lesley Bollinger, Angelika Kirchmeyer, Ursula Schickling, Stewart Spencer, Monika Stark) and two revisers were involved in the translation. 

We kindly ask you to accept our apologies if the translations of some paragraphs do not exactly match their German counterparts. In case of ambiguities over terminology please refer to the German original text. Thank you!


Accompanying note about the English translation of the German original text: The original German text is difficult to translate. Kirchmeyer avoids terms of contemporary fashion language, politically motivated expressions, abbreviations and foreign words. And although the author writes fluently, and even in dry and difficult to understand areas sometimes exciting (in Swiss-German speaking countries his command of the German language has repeatedly been praised) his tendency of nominalization of verbs and adjectives, his very long sentences, his mixture of technical terms and nuanced expressions create obstacles for the translators independently from the underlying already complicated subject matter and the comprehensive analyses of works. Given the nature and structure of the English language, it was necessary for the translators to change the flow of the text, and to cut and rephrase sentences and content in the English version of this catalog. Their style is reflected in their translations and editorial reviews and thus there is a certain lack of consistency throughout the translation. However, since every chapter is a self-contained unit this should not affect working with this catalog. When in doubt, please refer to the German original text.


K Cat­a­log: Anno­tated Cat­a­log of Works and Work Edi­tions of Igor Straw­in­sky till 1971, revised version 2014 and ongoing, by Hel­mut Kirch­meyer. 
© Hel­mut Kirch­meyer. All rights reserved.