The information presented in Helmut Kirchmeyer’s annotated Strawinsky catalog help both the musicologist and the antiquarian to time editions and to estimate their value; they help the performing musician — for himself or his ensemble — to identify performance options of a work in advance; they help the librarian to properly expand their collection, and they help the music pedagogue and the general user to quickly and comprehensively familiarize themselves with the intellectual world of a particular work.

This directory searches for a methodologically new way to represent a historically and philosophically significant artist and his work by connecting biographical, analytical, historical, performance practical and subject bibliographical investigations as a method of a merged documentation and interpretation of works.

Every chapter consists of two parts. 1st part is an English translation, and a 2nd part contains the original German text. All chapters contain:

Every chapter also contains a bibliographical part with information about errata, autograph scores, historic recordings as well as an overview about editions and a list of their characteristics. 

K-Catalog is an ongoing project that consists of approximately 156 chapters, many of which have not yet been published online. We do our best to complete the online K-Catalog. Already published chapters might be modified or updated from time to time. In the K Index file as well as on the bottom of each chapter, you can see the latest modification date for each article, so you can be sure to always have the current version. Please return often to see which chapters have been added lately.


K Cat­a­log: Anno­tated Cat­a­log of Works and Work Edi­tions of Igor Straw­in­sky till 1971, revised version 2014 and ongoing, by Hel­mut Kirch­meyer. 
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