The abbreviation for the Kirchmeyer Index is “K” followed by the number of the K Index. For example, “K5” refers to all editions of Strawinsky’s Scherzo fantastique.

K-numbers containing the letter “N” before the ordering numbers, such as KN10, or KN29, are later added miniature pieces.

If you want to use a citation for your own publication, please use the following standard or a similar notice:

Last name, First name: “Chapter Title” Catalog Title. Publisher of Website, Month Year article was published. Web. Day Month Year article was accessed.

For example, to use a citation from the Preface of the catalog that you accessed on January 182014, use: Kirchmeyer, Helmut: “Preface” of Annotated Catalog of Works and Work Editions of Igor Strawinsky till 1971, K Catalog, January 2014, 2014-01-18.








K Cat­a­log: Anno­tated Cat­a­log of Works and Work Edi­tions of Igor Straw­in­sky till 1971, revised version 2014 and ongoing, by Hel­mut Kirch­meyer. 
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